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Let’s face it: everyone, at one time or another, has dealt with the inevitable cracked screen. It just comes with the territory of smartphone ownership. To deter cracking, denting or damaging your phone, make sure to equip it with one of our high-quality, yet affordable smartphone cases. These cases are uniquely designed to encircle your expensive device in protective material without limiting functionality and ring up at an amazing low price from iTech Deals. We have phone cases for Apple, Samsung, HTC and more in our expansive phone case selection.

iTech Deals has a broad selection of Apple iPhone Cases for your current and legacy iPhones. If you’ve just picked up a new iPhone, first thing’s first: you need to outfit it with a tempered glass iPhone screen protector to keep it shielded from impact damage. These super-slim, barely-there screen protectors are made with premium-quality anti-shatter glass that provides your high-cost phone with impact and shock resistance to protect the LCD screen. For added protection, equip your phone with an iPhone case made from tough, armored material that will protect the sides and back from scratches and dents that can be caused by drops.

We’re also constantly expanding our selection of Samsung Galaxy cases to help you protect your new or old Galaxy from damage. These high-quality cases are made with lightweight yet protective material to help safeguard all of the components that allow your phone to operate at its peak. Plus, they have cool add-ons like kickstands for free-standing operation plus convenient cases to store your credit cards and more. iTech Deals offers the best prices on cases by your favorite brands, including Baytek, URGE Basics and much more. Every single smartphone case from our store ships for free.