Cables & Chargers

Released in 2012, Apple’s proprietary cables transformed the standard 30-pin cable design into a smaller 8-pin design in order to encourage faster charging and data transfer. You can use these low-cost 8-pin cables from iTech Deals to charge iPhones, iPads and iPods using your USB charging adapter or any USB port on your computer or car charger. They’re also used to help you transfer data from your device to your computer during backups and syncs. iTech Deals can outfit you with amazingly affordable cables for as little as $1, with free shipping on every single order!

cables became standard on iPhones beginning with the iPhone 5; iPads beginning with the fourth generation; the seventh-generation iPod Nano and the fifth-generation iPod Touch. We have a wide variety of cheap cables and cable multi-packs that you can use as your primary charging cables or as backups in your car, at work or in your gym bag. These affordable yet high-quality Apple charging cables are designed for use with all Apple port devices and even work with your previous-generation USB wall plugs. Our aftermarket cables look and perform just like — if not better than — the standard Apple-issued cables.

If you still have several legacy devices to charge, such as older iPhones or iPads, you can keep all of your gadgets powered up with cool multi-tools that charge phones and tablets that use , micro USB and 30-pin cables. These convenient all-in-one charging cable accessories come in affordable multi-packs from iTech Deals so that you’re never without a charge. We also have colorful and patterned cables, keychain USB cables and long cables to help meet your individual needs. Even if you just buy a single cable from iTech Deals, you can take advantage of free shipping.

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