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8 Pin to USB Charge & Data Sync Cables for iPhone & iPads (White)

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8 Pin to USB Charge & Data Sync Cables for iPhone & iPads (White)

  • Product Description

      Compatible with all latest ios devices.

      This USB to Connector Cable pack provides maximum power, speed, and interference-free syncing for all of your newest Apple devices. This cable provides all the power necessary for optimal charging and efficient operation. Plus, these USB to connector cables are designed to provide increased bandwidth to eliminate slow syncing speeds.

      Painstakingly assembled and tested to ensure reliability and quality performance. Each cable features a flexible outer covering and durable wiring to outlast even the strongest competition. Also, specially designed to increase connectivity and conductivity, these cables are equipped to provide smooth data transfers while eliminating interference.

      Item condition: New

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    • 3' FT 8 Pin to USB Cable Charge and Data Sync Cables
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