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8GB Digital Camera Spy Watch with Built-In Microphone in Black

$23.99 $59.99


$23.99 $59.99

8GB Digital Camera Spy Watch with Built-In Microphone in Black

  • Product Description

      Whether you're an adult of a child, the thought of secretly recording video like secret agents in the movies has always been intriguing. One would think that such technology is out of reach or too expensive, but this is simply not the case. Introducing the Digital Camera Spy Watch. This handsomely designed spy watch features all of the design cues of a high end sports watch but also incorporates the technology to discreetly record video and capture images. The watch takes synchronous HD video and has 8GB of internal memory provides plenty of space to store all that surveillance. No longer do you have to envy James Bond. You too can venture on secret missions, capturing sensitive data – all without being noticed. The Digital Camera spy watch also lets you record audio with its integrated microphone. Compatible with PC or Mac, easily upload your JPEG footage for closer analysis. Whether being used as a toy or a detective aid, the 8GB Digital Camera Spy Watch gives you the means to get the intel inconspicuously!

      Item condition: New

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  • What's in the box?

    • 8GB Digital Camera Spy Watch
      AC Adapter
      USB Cable

      *Item condition: New
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