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Belkin F8J055TT TuneCast Auto Hands-Free FM Transmitter and Charger (for iPhone/iPad/iPod)

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Belkin F8J055TT TuneCast Auto Hands-Free FM Transmitter and Charger (for iPhone/iPad/iPod)

  • Product Description

      With Belkin TuneCast Auto Live, you can play music on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, or iPad while you're driving. It plays music through your car's stereo and uses your iPhone's GPS system and ClearScan technology to locate high quality FM stations for clear transmission. For convenience, TuneCast Auto Live features an easy to read backlit LCD, two programmable presets, and a built-in connector that charges your mobile device using your car's 12-volt lighter outlet. With Belkin TuneCast Auto Live, it's easy to enjoy your favorite tunes and stay in touch while on the road. This transmitter connects through your car's stereo with no special wiring so you can play music from your mobile device with full stereo sound and make and receive hands-free cars while driving. To ensure clear, full sound, ClearScan technology and your iPhone's GPS system locate the best FM frequency in your area with the push of one button no app required. A high-contrast, backlit LCD display indicates which station you're using. To enhance your experience, download the free ClearScan Live app on your iPhone to get station recommendations from other TuneCast Auto Live users in your area. Or share your own feedback on the best FM stations wherever you drive. The app also lets you control your music directly from your iPhone screen. To expand your options and personalize your listening experience, TuneCast Auto Live features two programmable preset buttons. And a PRO setting optimizes audio and boosts volume for fuller sound. With TuneCast Auto Live you won't have to worry about running out of power. The dock connector charges through your car's 12-volt lighter outlet to keep your device fully charged while playing. For best results, remove your device's case to dock.

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    • Belkin Tunecast Auto Universal with Clearscan
      *Item Condition: New
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