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Toy iPhone w/8 Puzzles, LED Lights & Rechargeable Battery

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Toy iPhone w/8 Puzzles, LED Lights & Rechargeable Battery

  • Product Description

      The age that children own their own mobile phones seem to get younger, now even your 18 months+ can have one too. Satisfy their need for technologies with this interactive toy that will help teach your child as well as entertain them for hours on end.

      This interactive toy helps to develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills by teaching them numbers, colors and pronunciation. Your child will feel super cool walking around with their very own phone and you will be satisfied that you are doing the best for your child’s learning development. Everyone is a winner!

      Stimulating the senses, the YPhone feeds your child’s curiosity to learn through touch, sound and sight. With the appearance of a Smartphone but without the huge price tag, this is an accessory that will develop your little one in more ways than one.

      Item condition: New

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  • What's in the box?

    • Education Toy iPhone
      USB charge cable
      *Item condition: New
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