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Eggtronic 1500mAh Wireless Power Bank and Popper

$7.99 $39.99


$7.99 $39.99

Eggtronic 1500mAh Wireless Power Bank and Popper

  • Product Description

      Eggtronic Wireless Power Popper is a wireless charging power bank with a convenient pop grip to achieve one-handed texting or horizontal stand support. With its 1.500mAh battery, you can also watch content hands-free with while charging your smartphone on the go.

      The adhesive strips attach the power bank securely to the smartphone, ensuring a reliable hold to your phone. Thanks to the pass through charging feature, you can wireless charge your phone and power popper via cable, simultaneously. Wireless charging is available for all Qi-enabled smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 10 and newer.


      POP Grip Holder
      Use the pop grip on your smartphone to hold it or make it stand horizontally

      Quick Setup
      Easily stick the power bank to the phone with the adhesive strips

      1.500mAh Battery
      Three hours of battery life. Charge your phone and avoid running out of power.

      The Wireless Power Popper is a great alternative for daily phone users. Let's try it, it's time to make your life easier!

      Discover Our New Power Popper

      Hold your phone and charge it. Simultaneously
      The Wireless Power Popper is a great alternative for daily phone users: it allows you to securely hold your smartphone while wirelessly charging it. Choose an easier and powered life!.

      Power on-the-go

      Pass-through charging
      Wirelessly charge your phone and the Power Popper via cable simultaneously

      Works with iPhone X and newer
      Compatible with Samsung Galaxy and all other Qi devices.

      Only 0.4 inches thick

      Enjoy wireless charging
      To charge your smartphone, simply align the middle of the Power Ring base to the receiving coil in your smartphone

      *Item condition: new

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