Type-C to USB-A Female Mini OTG Host Adapter Converter



Type-C to USB-A Female Mini OTG Host Adapter Converter

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      The USB-C ports (also known as Type-C ports) are part of the future of computers and electronics. Apple, Google, and many other companies have included this port in their newest computers. In the near future all the electronics in the market will come with this port too due to its lightning speed connectivity. Many people have older USB devices such as iPhones, iPads, flash drives, & other devices that use USB-A ports (also known as Type-A ports, the same port that has been a standard for many years and that most people are already familiar with). This USB-C male to 3.0 USB-A female adapter is specifically designed to solve this problem for consumers! With this small USB-C adapter, all your iPhones, iPads, flash drives & other devices will be fully compatible with your new newest devices. No need to replace all your existing chargers and cables that you've bought over the years .It is super small so you can leave it attached to your existing cables or just keep it in your pocket when you're on the go. This USB-C adapter has just been released to the market and supports all the latest standards and specifications.

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    • 1 x Type-C to USB Female Mini On-The-Go Adapter
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